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Deadline: August 5, 2022
District/Organization: Vandercook Lake Public Schools
Position/Type: Other, full time

Position Details

Position: School Social Worker (Middle/High School)

Time: 2022-2023 School Year

Pay Rate: As per master contract

Years of experience honored

Reports to: Building Principal/Assistant Principal


1. Minimum requirements deemed necessary for employment as a school social worker.

2. Personal traits indicating aptitude and ability to work effectively with students, parents,

administration and other school personnel.

3. Shall possess personal qualifications and character traits essential to be successful as a

school social worker.

General Purpose

Under direction of the building Principals, the school social worker shall be responsible to help create a school

environment that is favorable to learning and personal growth; to motivate students to develop the skills,

attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a good foundation for secondary education, in accordance with

each student’s ability; and to establish good relations with other staff members and school patrons; and to

connect families with community support agencies.

Specific Goals and Responsibilities

1. Services to the entire student population

  • Engages in group counseling to address social and academic concerns.
  • Help students develop a positive self-image and gain a better understanding of their own capabilities and


  • Initiate contact with students through orientation and classroom visits, explaining the role of the Social


  • Coordinates truancy referrals to appropriate agencies for students with attendance issues.
  • Work proactively with Administration to reduce discipline issues and referrals.
  • Create and manage 504 plans for General Education students not receiving Special Education services.

2. Services to students as individuals and/or small groups, as referred by School Administrators,

Teachers, Parents or other legal guardian.

  • Has contact to help referred students understand self, family situations such as divorce, births/deaths,

peer group interactions, home environment, etc.

  • Coordinate Teacher Assist Teams (TAT) ; plan, coordinate and track the progress of students in the TAT

process. Use test information, home visits, parent conferences, CA information and of each student.

  • Assist students with special needs and refer them to other specialist in student personnel services and to

public and private agencies in the community (211 Social Services, Homebound, ISD, etc.)

  • Identify problems and situations interfering with the ability of students to make optimal use of their

educational experience; counsel with students spending excessive amounts of time in discipline settings

(i.e. time out room).

3. Services to other instructional staff members

  • Assists teachers in identifying, understanding, and dealing with student behaviors/attitudes.
  • Maintains open lines of communication by distributing current materials and resources.
  • Coordinates community/social service agency programs for classroom teacher’s use.
  • Acts as a liaison between the school and home to increase communication, resolve conflict and build

positive relationships.

4. Services to Administration

  • Keeps case file notes on student contacts and other activities.
  • Collaborate with administrators and staff to improve the use of existing school programs and procedures

(i.e. PBIS, Reaching Higher, etc)

  • May be called on to handle emergency situations in support of, or the absence of administrators.
  • Plan and implement in cooperation with administration, in-service workshops for staff on social work

related topics relevant to education.

  • Protect the confidential integrity of information regarding student circumstances or administrative


  • Promote a positive image of the school and its staff members to the community.
  • Any other duties as assigned by the school administrators on an as needed or permanent basis.

5. Service to Parents

  • Keep parents informed of student’s progress or lack of progress through letters, emails, telephone calls,

conversations, conferences or home visits.

  • Organize and lead parent support groups as needed.
  • Refer parents to other community agencies that may be helpful to them or their child.
  • Shall be a positive and encouraging member representing the school district.

Interested individuals should email resume, letter of intent, and 3 recommendation letters


Melissa Bradfield, Principal

Vandercook Lake Public Schools

1000 Golf Avenue

Jackson, MI 49203

Email: Melissa.bradfield@vandyschools.org

E-mail: melissa.bradfield@vandyschools.org

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