Nashville - TN Part Time 2 months ago – Joey is looking to bring on a lead driver in Nashville. Joey is a local app based delivery service. With it, customers choose a vehicle size and place a delivery request in about a minute.

We prefer that our lead driver own a pickup truck, cargo/sprinter van or box truck, but the lead driver will also have access to our Joey box truck, as needed. In addition to regular pay from deliveries completed, lead drivers start out each week with a guaranteed weekly bonus from day 1. Drivers are paid per drive and time based, with a 1 hr minimum on each job. Driver earnings are based off vehicle type chosen by the customer for delivery. They also can receive tips from customers and keep 100% of those. Our lead driver role will earn the typical driver earnings on any drive they complete, in addition to their guaranteed pay. Drivers are paid as 1099 contractors.

Regular drivers pay:

Pickup – $35/hr

Cargo/Sprinter Van:$40/hr

Box Truck:$50/hr

Additional responsibilities of our lead driver include:

Ensuring all customer delivery requests are taken care of meeting or exceeding our guaranteed delivery time. (If a drive isn’t accepted by one of our drivers, acting as the fallback to get it done.

Direct contact with support and management of the city to monitor our supply of drivers for each vehicle type and provide indications when recruiting is needed.

DOT requirements

Ensure cleanliness of delivery vehicles

Communicate with support team as needed

As with all of our driver roles, Joey will never direct you to work specific days or hours. Drivers have the freedom to schedule their deliveries when it works for them and the customer. Our lead drivers share this perk, but are still expected to keep the process moving for our customers. It is important to remember that lead drivers aren’t meant to be there and to take every single delivery that comes into the area. They are to act as a safety net and an initial push, as we launch the area. Guaranteed pay will begin as a 6 month time length. We will evaluate at that point. If we get to a point where we have enough other drivers, the system is working how it should, and the lead driver isn’t required to take any drives because they are handled by others, they will still earn their guaranteed pay through those 6 months.

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